EMPI Back Care Kit (includes 5 oversized EMPI 4″x 7″premium back electrodes)


Introducing our NEW Discounted EMPI Back Kit  – experience the exceptional benefits of a physician-approved, oversized EMPI electrodes & unlock the power of targeted pain relief.

Kit Includes
– 5 oversized 4″x 7″ Premium Back Self-Adhering Electrodes (includes proprietary EMPI cable for use ONLY with EMPI Select or EMPI Continuum)

Each electrode’s large size and shape allows EASY application for those “hard to reach” areas such as the upper and lower back.

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Oversize 4″ x 7″ Premium Back Self-Adhering Electrode (Includes proprietary EMPI cable that connects to EMPI Select or EMPI Continuum only)
Reusable, Pre-Gelled for Immediate Use
High quality conductive gel
Treats Large Treatment Areas (Legs, Lower and Upper Back)
Good for 17-20 applications
Made in USA

Clean and Dry the Desired Application Site (As Needed)
Open the Resealable Package and Save for Electrode Storage
Remove Electrodes Sleeve from Package
Peel Electrodes Away from Sleeve. Save Sleeve for Electrode Storage
If Gel on Electrodes Appears Dry, Add a Few Drops of Water to Moisten
Always Turn Off the Unit Before Applying or Removing Any Electrodes
Place Oversize Electrode Around the Area as Prescribed or Desired Treatment Area
Attach EMPI Cable to TENS unit or Other Therapy Unit
Electrodes Should be Replaced Once They Lose Their Ability to Stick Properly to Your Skin
Removal and Storage

Turn Off  TENS Unit or Other Therapy Unit.
Disconnect cable from Oversize Electrode
Always Remove Electrode by Gently Lifting Edge of Electrode, NOT by the Wire
Place Electrode into Sleeve
Insert Sleeve, Reseal Package
Store at Room Temperature in Dry Area

If a Rash Develops, Discontinue Use Immediately and Notify Your Medical Clinician or Physician
To Minimize the Risk of a Thermal Burning, Always Use the Prescribed or Recommended Electrode Size, Type and Shape
Usage of an Electrode Not Recommended by the Manufacturer or Your Medical Clinician or Physician may Result in Thermal Burning


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