Will Pain Care Outlet bill my insurance?
No, we do not bill insurance directly. We are happy to provide you with an itemized receipt and any requested documentation or information needed by your insurance company for you to file a claim yourself.  Whether or not an item is covered is strictly between you and your insurance company. Pain Care Outlet makes no claims or guarantees your unit(s), rehabilitation or exercise products will be considered a covered benefit by your insurance provider or reimbursed to you from your insurance provider. You must contact your insurance provider for more information if you have any questions about the benefits provided under your specific plan.

Do you take checks or money orders?
No, unfortunately, we do not accept checks or money orders at this time.

Why do you request a phone number and email address and with every order?
In an effort to ensure timely delivery of your items, we ask that you provide a phone number for those rare instances when the delivery carrier may need to contact you directly for additional location information.  You will also receive delivery updates sent to your email address.  You may also track your package at any time on the USPS or UPS websites.

I am a retailer that is interested in buying larger quantities, are there any discounts available?
We are very competitive with other major retailers.  To purchase larger quantities or to request a quote, please email us at info@paincareoutlet.com and we will get back you as soon as possible.