Try EMS, When Spinach Just Isn’t Enough

AvivaStim XPAn electric muscle stimulator (EMS) unit is an electronic device used to deliver electrical impulses to your body, making your muscles contract. These impulses are sent from the device to a series of electrodes (usually pre-gelled adhesive pads), which are placed directly on the skin over the muscles being targeted. Use of this unit quickly re-educates and strengthens injured or weakened muscles. These units can also be used to enhance fitness endurance, assist in muscle strengthening and increase overall sports performance. These units are popular amongst physical therapists, professional athletes, fitness fanatics and weight trainers.

PainCare Outlet’s has a wide selection of EMS units and combination units, including the Biomedical Life Impulse D7, EMS 2000 and the AvivaStim XP digital combination EMS/TENS (pain management) units made by NeuroTech. All units are trusted and approved by healthcare and fitness professionals. Let Sprout Medical help you achieve your physical therapy and exercise goals today.

AvivaStim XP™ Instructions Manual

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