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The Benefits of Daily Foam Rolling

Foam Rollers are finally becoming very popular outside the personal training and physical therapy world and making their way into many homes across America. The basic Foam Roller not only stretches muscles, fascia tissue and tendons but it also breaks down soft tissue adhesions and scar tissue.

It’s long been a fitness motto that you have to “loosen and lengthen before you strengthen and tone” in order to maximize fitness benefits, and this certainly holds true today.

The use of a foam roller allows you to utilize your own body weight by massaging tender areas of your muscles to encourage proper mobility. This helps to create proper length tension relationships. You gain this improved mobility by rolling back and forth on the foam roller over sore tight muscles massaging and stretching fascia tissue, muscles and tendons. This process of self-massage is most commonly called self-myofascial release (SMR) which also helps your body recover from workouts and helps relieve stress.

It is best to foam roll before and after exercise. Foam roll for a warm-up, which will bring blood flow to the muscular areas rolled out to loosen and lengthen them. And foam roll at the end of your workout for aid in muscle recovery and rejuvenation. Here are some more benefits of regularly using a foam roller:

Prevent Injuries. Using a foam roller before exercise for a warm up brings blood flow to the tight areas massaged and helps break up adhesions or knots in your muscles for better joint mobility and body movement. Gently massaging and stretching your muscles fibers for 30-45 seconds will make it less likely to pull a muscle or injure yourself while exercising or during athletic activity. Using a foam roller before a dynamic warm-up will help you to be flexible when you need it most.

Relieve Tension. When you are rolling back and forth over your tight muscles be sure to focus on where you have the most tension and soreness. By applying pressure to the tight areas for 30-45 sec., your muscle fibers are altered from a bundled up knotted position to the proper alignment. This creates proper length tension relationships for the best functionality and performance in movement. Muscle dysfunction and tension around your joints will quickly be reduced and mobility will be enhanced.

Prevent Soreness and Recover Faster. Everyone knows how important it is to stretch before and after exercise. Using the foam roller allows for a more efficient way of stretching your muscles. By applying pressure to your tight and shortened muscles, increased circulation encourages speedy healing.

Increased Flexibility. The use of a good foam roller and static stretching complement one another. Rolling out before you static stretch helps you loosen and lengthen knots in the muscle that inhibit proper movement, and when you follow up with static stretching you do more for restoring the muscle to its proper length and function.

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